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We are going through a time of great change, at a fundamental level both spiritually and ancestorally. The start of a new cycle is here. These shifts in consciousness and authenticity allow us to grow into who we were always meant to be. Where in the past we were too fearful to fully step into who we truly are, clouded with illusory self-judgement, we are now looking within and realizing in a new way, that we hold the answers, and the courage, the power and heart to follow our dreams and desires which are divinely inspired. 

Allowing ourselves the time and space to be fully realized and authentic. To be with our feelings in truth without judgement and allow our hearts and creative minds to guide us in communication with source. To connect with our higher selves and listen deeply and openly.

When we come together we are whole. When we rest and treat ourselves and each other with love and kindness, then we can trust and allow and be in integrity with all things….

-Sacred Sister C. 07/19/19