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Sacred Sister specializes in merging multiple modalities and creating personalize energetic bodywork experiences for individuals seeking a compassionate, safe space to heal their bodies, minds and spirits.


Cranial Unwinding

Polarity Therapy

Intuitive Bodywork


About Carrie

Carrie Holycross LMT, is a Therapeutic Energy Practitioner and Owner of Sacred Sister LLC. She has been empathic since she was a child. In her early twenties gifts started to reveal themselves after a traumatic life event caused her severe anxiety and depression. She began meditating, chanting and seeking what brought her peace and clarity. After receiving the first of many Reiki attunements which strengthened her connection with spirit and her higher self; her father passed and she had a vision where they spoke together about her purpose in this lifetime. She discovered that she was here to help others and a big part of how she would do that is by healing herself and finding new ways of continuing her transformation, learning and evolution. 

Her Vision – is to help others transform their lives by assisting them in reconnecting to their intuition so they can be intune with what their bodies, hearts and spirits are telling them.

Her Passion – to open even more fully to her abilities and using them to help others in creative ways.

“Reiki is a deeply relaxing and transformative vibration of Universal Love. Relaxation is what allows the body to initiate its own innate healing ability. Health and Wellness are found when relaxation is discovered.”

~ Chyra Moonstone

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